21 Days In Mongolia
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The Story Of The Weeping Camel The Story Of The Weeping Camel, (Subtitled) (DVD)
Springtime in the Gobi Desert, South Mongolia. A family of nomadic shepherds assist the delivery of the young of their camel herd. A difficult delivery for one of the camels, results in the birth of a rare white colt. Despite the efforts of the shepherds, the mother rejects the newborn. When all hope for the survival of the little one seems to have vanished, the nomads send their two young boys on a journey through the desert, to a backwater town in search of a musician who is their only hope for the baby camel...

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Long Way Round : Chasing Shadows Across the World Long Way Round : Chasing Shadows Across the World
It started as a daydream. Poring over a map of the world at home one quiet Saturday afternoon, Ewan McGregor - actor and self-confessed bike nut - noticed that it was possible to ride all the way round the world, with just one short hop across the Bering Strait from Russia to Alaska. It was a revelation he couldn't get out of his head. So he picked up the phone and called Charley Boorman, his best friend, fellow actor and bike enthusiast. 'Charley,' he said. 'I think you ought to come over for dinner...'

From London to New York, Ewan and Charley chased their shadows through Europe, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia, across the Pacific to Alaska, then down through Canada and America. But as the miles slipped beneath the tyres of their big BMWs, their troubles started. Exhaustion, injury and accidents tested their strength. Treacherous roads, unpredictable weather and turbulent politics challenged their stamina. They were chased by paparazzi in Kazakhstan, courted by men with very large guns in the Ukraine, hassled by the police, and given bulls' testicles for supper by Mongolian nomads.

And yet despite all these obstacles they managed to ride over 20,000 miles in four months, changing their lives forever in the process. As they travelled they documented their trip, taking photographs, and writing diaries by the campfire. Long Way Round is the result of their adventures - a fascinating, frank and highly entertaining travel book about two friends riding round the world together and, against all the odds, realising their dream.

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Hearing Birds Fly: A Nomadic Year in Mongolia Hearing Birds Fly: A Nomadic Year in Mongolia
After two years of working in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, journalist Louisa Waugh moved to the remote village of Tsengel, in the extreme west of the country. This is the story of the year she spent there, living and working with the people who have made a home in the stark but beautiful landscape. With unflinching honesty, Waugh recounts how she slowly learned to fend for herself in a world where life is dominated by the seasons. The villagers and their culture vividly emerge as she shares her happiness, frustrations, and occasional extreme loneliness and fear. Hearing Birds Fly transports the reader from the end of a long, hard Mongolian winter, through a drought–stricken spring, into a lush summer spent in the mountains with a family of nomads. A warm, totally unsentimental account of life in a world where the act of survival is, in itself, a triumph of the human spirit.

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The Last Disco in Outer Mongolia The Last Disco in Outer Mongolia
About the Author
Nick Middleton was born in London. As a geographer he has travelled to more than 50 countries and teaches part-time at Oxford University. As a travel writer he has been accused of drug smuggling and spying but has never spent a night in jail. He has been fined for dropping a match in China, mugged in Moscow, conned in Casablanca and kidnapped in Outer Mongolia, but hasn't tired of travelling yet.

Product Description:
This witty and entertaining book is the story of two trips (seperated by three years) he made to a land that to most people seems like the most remote spot on earth

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Lonely Planet Mongolia Lonely Planet Mongolia
Mongolia is an exotic, romantic, adventurous destination. This guide provides comprehensive data on how to get there, where to stay, where to eat and what to do.

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21 Days In Mongolia 21 Days In Mongolia...The Land Of Blue Skies
This DVD is the "home movie" of 21 Days in Mongolia, made by Debi and Andy, authors of this website. Lasting approximately 2 hours, you will receive 2 discs, showing each day as it happened. It may be interesting for those considering a trip to Mongolia to see what its really like before making their final decision to go. Pictures can tell a 1000 words, film can tell a story!

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