21 Days In Mongolia

Day 21:

We rose at 6.30am and our taxi to the airport arrived at 7am.  The flight was at 9.45am but it didn’t end up leaving until 10.45am.  There were 5 of us travelling together, Andy, myself, D, Diana and Chris.  Chris lost her phone at UB airport, most likely as she was getting out of the taxi and she had to use our mobile phone to quickly cancel it, otherwise there would have been one hefty bill waiting for her when she got home.

Once again Aeroflot was serviced by middle aged men and women and the flights were a little more comfortable than on the outward journey.  The one big let down on our journey home was the 7 hour wait we had at Moscow airport. Smoky, little facilities and expensive was how I would sum up the airport, but it was going to take a lot more than that to dampen our spirits.

We landed at LHR and Andy and I were met by my sister.  As we waved goodbye to the others we turned to my sister and brother-in-law and said "Well….have we got lots to tell you….”

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